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Earn Free Club Pogo

by Ken on
free club pogo

Surveys and Offers from Peanut Labs allow players to earn Free Club Pogo access.

The current free survey rewards are 7 days, 14 days and 1 month club pogo passes. To get started, simply visit the pogo survey offers page.

Don't forget, you can also earn free pogo gems the same way!

Club Pogo Badge Challenge

by Ken on

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to create your own club pogo weekly challenge? Or design your own badge?

Here's your chance to design a weekly badge challenge!

All you need to do is pick a game, create the challenge and submit art for the badge (if you feel like sharing your artistic talent!).

Full details and submission form can be found on the badge challenge page!

Free Pogo Gems

by Ken on

Earn Free Pogo Gems through surveys and offers supplied by Peanut Labs.

I still receive quite a few emails about this, so hopefully this information will help.

Players have reported seeing e-mails, chat messages and other forms of communications regarding offers of "Free Gems" or "Free Tokens" and other items.

We strongly recommend that you do NOT sign up for these deals, as many of them are not legitimate offers. Some of these offers are made merely to collect screen names and passwords in order to hijack accounts.

On occasion, Pogo will offer free pogo gems, but those offers will come directly from Pogo or their official partner, Peanut Labs - via the pogo.com site. Be sure to look very carefully at the web address, as some of these offers come from sites that look a lot like "pogo.com" - but you'll be able to see that they are not.

Phlinx : New Pogo iPhone App

by Ken on

Pogo has just released the new Phlinx iPhone app!

You can download the Pogo app update by clicking on the 'App Store' icon on your iPhone / iPod Touch screen and go to the 'Update' section.

Here's a couple screenshots of what the new Phlinx app looks like :

Pogo iPhone App Phlinx  Pogo iPhone App Phlinx

Pogo weekly challenges time change

by Ken on

Pogo has announced that the weekly challenges will now begin at 4:00AM Pacific!

The time change gives players three extra hours per week to complete their challenge and earn the badge.